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Evoca 18 oz. Wood-Wick

Evoca 18 oz. Wood-Wick

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Color: Rose Gold

18 oz. of midwest-grown soy and organic bees wax perfectly scented in our beautiful iridescent glass jar with double wicks. Choose the vessel you love and your favorite scent.

Dimensions: 3.62 in (w) x 4.72 in (h)

Midwest-grown soy wax, bees wax, wood crackling wick
3.62 in (w) x 4.72 in (h)
How to use
The first time you burn your candle make sure to wait at least 3-4 hours or until the wax pool liquefies to the edge of your glass. Once the wax pool is completely melted on the top, then you can blow out your candle. Why is this the most important step you ask? Because if you blow out a candle too quickly, the wax has "memory" and will stay in this position for the length of your burn. Freaky, right? Once your candle has this memory ring, it will continue to tunnel downwards throughout the life of the candle. A good rule of thumb is to burn the candle one hour for every inch of diameter of the vessel.
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