Who is 1111 Elm?

As a breast cancer survivor, mom, and 2nd generation candle and soap maker, Jen, leads the team at 1111 Elm - an ode to the address where she grew up and learned how to make handmade products with her Dad. Her son, Kyle now helps run the business and makes the candles. Her daughter, Alyssa is part of the creative team and is usually decorating bath bombs or creating content.

XOXO - The Caffertys (Jen, Kyle, and Alyssa)

P.S. - those are our beehives that we painted.


We use only the best materials in our products. Midwest grown soy, untreated beeswax, organic when possible. And always gluten-free!

Seasonal Items

As we expand our collection, our goal is to have our staple items but continue to create seasonal favorites for you too. Candles and soaps for every occasion!

Our Promise

We craft our hand-poured artisan products with love, just as we would want them for our families and loved ones. We promise to treat you like family.