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Bask in moments of pure serenity with artisanal candles, soap, & body care brought to you by second and third generation candle and soap artists. Elevate your home, gift giving, or self-care routine with sensational and soothing products, crafted with love in Chicago.

βœ“ Luxurious Scents
βœ“ Always Gluten-Free
βœ“ Beeswax & Midwest-Grown Soy

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"Smells great, keeps my skin soft, and makes me happy every time I wash with it."

Irene M., Independence, OH

Soaps That Bring Joy

Call it crafted comfort or a soothing adventure of aromas that calm the mind, they are soft, foamy, scrubby, and scented all at the same time.

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  • Irene M., Independence OH


    "When I bought my first β€œpretty” bar of soap, I told Jen, the owner of 1111 ELM, that the soap was too pretty to use. She laughed and said, β€œIt’s soap - use it. I’ll make you more!”  Now I use the pretty soaps and am so happy I tried them. Smells great, keeps my skin soft, and makes me happy every time I use them."

  • Frank, Elmhurst, IL


    "I’ve been burning candles and using wax melts for many years and recently started to get headaches when using them. Upon a friend's recommended I tried 1111 ELM candles and wax melts and no more headaches! I didn’t realize that candles are made from different types of wax and fragrance and that some of them could be bothering me."

  • Tiffany, Fort Wayne, IN


    "I must admit that I am becoming addicted to the Whipped Soap + Scrub. The new formulation is even better than the past and I hate showering without it. I know this sounds goofy, but when I put my fingers into the scrub, I swear it makes my brain happy. It’s soft, foamy, slippery and scrubby all at the same time. Please don’t stop making this product!"

  • John, Los Angeles, CA


    "This year I turned to 1111 ELM for my corporate gifting. They worked with me to create a custom scented candle with our own label. Our clients loved it and for once, I gave gifts that were unique and used by our clients. No more wasted items that end up in the regifting pile!"

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Scented For All occassions

Scrumptious scents for every occasion. Elevate your celebrations with our selection of irresistible fragrances.


Who is 1111 Elm?

As a breast cancer survivor, mom, and 2nd generation candle and soap maker, Jen, leads the team at 1111 Elm - an ode to the address where she grew up and learned how to make handmade products with her Dad. Her son, Kyle now helps run the business and makes the candles. Her daughter, Alyssa is part of the creative team and is usually decorating bath bombs or creating content.

XOXO - The Caffertys (Jen, Kyle, and Alyssa)

P.S. - those are our beehives that we painted.


We use only the best materials in our products. Midwest grown soy, untreated beeswax, organic when possible. And always gluten-free!

Seasonal Items

As we expand our collection, our goal is to have our staple items but continue to create seasonal favorites for you too. Candles and soaps for every occasion!

Our Promise

We craft our hand-poured artisan products with love, just as we would want them for our families and loved ones. We promise to treat you like family.